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The cheerleaders vs. the Wrestlerettes

The Middle - Sue Heck and the Wrestlerettes01:59

The Middle - Sue Heck and the Wrestlerettes

The Wrestlerettes are Orson High's cheerleaders for the wrestlers created by Sue Heck . The 4 original
members are dorky Sue Heck, estranged Ruth , tough mean Becky , and Weird Ashley the wizard wannabe. There is a 5th additional member, Brad .


  • Sue Heck (founder; present)
  • Ruth (original; present)
  • Becky (original; present)
  • "Weird Ashley "​ (original present)


  • Brad (5th additiion)

The Wrestlerettes competed in a cheeroff against the cheerleaders presented an amazing eccentric performance featuring the 80's song "Fame" by Irene Cara. This is where Brad shows up close to the end. They ended up winning.

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