The Prom is the twenty-second episode in season two.


When Axl accidentally asks the wrong girl to the prom, he decides the best way to remedy the situation is by standing her up. Meanwhile, Brick recites monologues to Mike and Frankie, while Sue tries her best to fit in with the school's "B" crowd.


Axl texted the wrong girl with an invitation to the prom. His mystery date turns out to be a young lady known as Weird Ashley. Frankie says, "You never know, today's weird girl might be tomorrow's Tina Fey." Nevertheless, Axl wants out. Frankie says he doesn't have to honor his errant text if he explains to Ashley what happened with dignity and respect. As you may have guessed, that doesn't happen.

After a brief exchange with Samantha the school newscaster, Sue takes a shot at sitting with her in the cafeteria. Samantha's dining area is pretty high up in the popularity pecking order. She sits at the B Table. It's not quite an A, but it's certainly not bad. Sue's first attempt to blend in at the table doesn't go well. She needs a B plan—literally!

Brick performs a homemade play for his parents. It's an original production called Alien Robot. Frankie and Mike are pleasantly surprised by the compelling story, crisp dialogue and satisfying ending. Sadly, Alien Robot II lacks the subtle charm of the original story, as there is no story. Soon Brick is doing improvised one-man shows that make Charlie Sheen's infamous Detroit concert seem like a "winning" debut.

Frankie learns that Axl never broke his date with Weird Ashley. That doesn't change the fact that he simply does NOT want to take her to the prom. He'd rather not go at all. Frankie can't believe she raised such an insensitive son. She needs outside help with this one. DING DONG! Someone's at the door!

Reverend Tim-Tom makes a triumphant return to dispense his special brand of musical advice. He suggests Frankie and Mike look at things through Axl's eyes. After all, high school is a social minefield. Sue agrees. It's a lot like the lunchroom. As for Brick, he's bummed to hear his folks think his shows are endless and boring. Theater critics can be brutal.

Mike tells Brick that his first show was actually quite good because he worked at it. After that, he was just phoning it in. Brick understands. He also makes Mike understand that sometimes you make allowances for family. The kid's smart. Maybe too smart. Speaking of wise men...

Reverend Tim-Tom strums out a song that lets Frankie and Mike know that it's hard being a parent. We believe it's called "It's Hard Being a Parent." Before the Rev hits the road, he tells Sue that she should never think any table is too good for her. This inspires her to make her incredible journey over to the B Table. Too bad everyone there moves over to the A Table shortly after Sue arrives.

As for the prom situation, Axl opts to suck it up for one night to do the right thing. His date, Weird Ashley, certainly lives up to her name. She's really into wizards though she has no idea who Harry Potter is. Looks like Axl's in for a long night. So are Frankie and Mike. They sink in to enjoy the latest production from Brick Pictures: Alien Robot, The Prequel. Think he got Reverend Tim-Tom to do the soundtrack?