CommOppHead GuidelinesAndRules

The Middle Wiki guidelines and rules are as follows


  • Collaborate
  • Read the Editing Guidelines
  • Practice open-mindedness & assume good faith. 
  • Spread kindness
  • Welcome new users
  • Share the wiki
  • Ask for help

Don't Edit

Spam or VandaliseEdit

Delebertly damage or delete content contributed by the community. 

1st Offence: 3 Month User Ban 

2nd Offence: Permanent IP Ban & User Ban

Bully or Troll Edit

Bulling or Trolling is not tollerated as part of wikia's user Terms of Use and will not be tollerated on The Middle Wiki

1st Offence: Permanent Ban & Repot to wikia

Notes Edit

  • These guidelines and rules are based off of wikia's example guidelines. 
  • Admins of The Middle Wiki may change the guidelines and rules at any time. 
  • Users will recive a block notification on thier message wall explaning thier ban.
  • Users may contest a ban by messaging a admin or replying to a block notifacation.
  • Banned users will never be blocked from using messeging funtinalty unless in extreme circimstances.

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