The Map is the thirteenth episode of season three.


Aunt Ginny's funeral is the catalyst for Frankie's vow to begin celebrating all of the family's major life achievements. Axl mistakenly eats Brick's school map project and has do help him do it over, and Sue finds out that a boy on the wrestling team has a crush on her.


Aunt Ginny just passed away. She lived a long life, made a heck of a cheesecake and once met Patton. Of course, all Brick can remember about her is that she liked to smoke, drink and let him play with the big vein in her neck. Aunt Ginny's death inspires a spirited conversation on the ride home from the funeral. We won't go into all the details, but we will tell you that Axl plans to have his head frozen.

Axl must work with Brick after he eats his school project. It was big map of Indiana made out of dough. The boys bake up a brand new state made out of brownie mix. Too bad they both really like brownies. In this chocolaty state, Indiana never had a chance. Axl and Brick finally come up with a winning version of Indiana made out of pizza. Too bad Brick realizes that his assigned state is actually Texas.

Frankie is frustrated because Aunt Edie hasn't really grasped the fact that Aunt Ginny is gone. She's also upset when she learns Aunt Ginny was a hundred years old and they did nothing to celebrate this momentous event. Frankie is tired of pushing away fun stuff just to deal with life's daily hassles. She vows to change her ways. Her first order of business is watch Sue cheer at a wrestling meet.

Brad lets Sue know that a boy on the wrestling team likes her. His name is Matt. We'll call him Wrestling Matt. Anyway, Frankie lets Sue know that she's not obligated to like someone just because they like her. So, Sue does a preemptive strike by letting Wrestling Matt know that she doesn't necessarily like him back. The boy takes the news in stride. Wait a minute. No, he doesn't.

Wrestling Matt recruits his teammates to serenade Sue during the meet. Well, it's not really a serenade. It's more like a coordinated declaration of affection. There's nothing Sue appreciates more than a grand gesture (since she's made so many herself). Sue lets Matt know that she likes him, too. Frankie is thrilled that she was there to see this magical life moment.

Frankie comes home to find her family surrounding a cake on the dining room table. They are there to celebrate Aunt Ginny's 100th birthday, as well as a few others they've skipped over the years. It's a fitting tribute because Frankie knows that Aunt Ginny always loved a good party.