The Interview is the thirteenth episode of season 1.


Mike begins searching for a new job when the quarry is shut down for scientific research because of the discovery of a dinosaur bone. He soon feels like a dinosaur himself when he realizes the drastic changes in technology that he can't seem to keep up with. Meanwhile, Frankie helps Brick in his quest to be elected school historian.


Mike finds a dinosaur bone at the quarry. Pretty cool, right? You bet Jurassic it is! Unfortunately, the amazing discovery leads to a four-month shutdown of his workspace so paleontologists can dig for more prehistoric keepsakes. This means Mike has to find a new gig. So, he and Axl head out to the Orson Job Fair.

When they arrive, Axl says, “No funnel cake. No rides. Uhh, this fair sucks.” Turns out he’s right. The booths at the fair are filled with scam artists looking to sell the jobless a bunch of stuff they can’t afford. Still, we did kind of want to hear what the Resume Whisperer had to say.

After taking his search for work online, Mike scores an interview which he promptly bombs. He just doesn’t like answering a bunch of stupid questions. Frankie tells him he has to play the game the right way if he wants to land a job. So Mike doles out a bunch of stock answers during his next interview with a septic tank company. But the prospective employer didn’t feel he had a genuine passion for septic waste. Hard to believe, right?

Brick is running for school historian. The problem is that whenever he signs up for something at school, Frankie ends up doing all the work. Brick promises that this time she won’t have to do a thing…except make a bunch of fliers and recruit everyone down at the car dealership to make a bunch of “Vote for Brick” posters. Bob makes Frankie realize that the only way to get Brick to do things on his own is to stop doing everything for him. If he fails he fails. It looks like Brick will be writing his campaign speech solo.

As the day of the election arrives, Frankie and Mike sit in the audience as the school historian candidates give their speeches. Brick is the last to take center stage. For his opening line, he says, “Hi, I’m Brick Heck. Or as most of you know me…Nerd.” This gets a laugh from the crowd. In fact, Brick gets many laughs from his fellow students. They are putty in his hands.

Brick brings it all home in his closing. He says, “The main reason you should vote for me is because I suck at basketball. And if I’m not elected, I will try out for the team. Do you really want that on your conscience? I don’t think so.” The auditorium erupts with applause. Frankie and Mike are beyond proud. Brick’s rousing speech was just pick-me-up they needed after dealing with Mike’s job woes.

Brick wins the election by a landslide. Everyone is thrilled, except for maybe Sue. We’re thinking it has something to do with her 17 non-winning campaigns for various school activities. But Brick has inspired Mike to tackle his job search with renewed enthusiasm. As for Frankie, well she already has a job. Make that two jobs. She becomes a door-to-door photographer after Brick declares he needs a picture of every member of the student council by tomorrow. Say cheese!