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The Blue Snack Bag is the family food transport for long car trips or vacations in the car, but it has actually become a bit of an annoyance since the high attention factor of the Hecks results in Frankie getting perpetually leaving it at home or anywhere else on trips. 


Season 1Edit

In the episode The Bee whilst on a road trip to Chicago for Brick's spelling bee, Brick gets hungry causing Mike to ask what snacks Frankie has packed. She then lists pretzels, candy corn, cheese corn, kettle corn, girl scout cookies and frosting for dipping. Frankie then realises the bag is still at home in a cutaway to it followed by a cutback to the family saying "You forgot the blue bag" in unison. This is the first of many episodes with the re-occurring gag of Frankie forgetting the blue snack bag at some point of a trip. 

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