Taking Back the House is the eleventh episode of season two.


Frankie and Mike try to regain control of the house from the kids after realizing that they were no longer the kings of their own castle. Meanwhile, Sue tries to get an umbrella for a lunchtime preformance, and Brick discovers the internet when Frankie doesn't take him to the library.


“I made dinner. Come get your bags!” These are the words of Frankie Heck after stopping at three different fast food places to satisfy the special orders of her three kids. Mike wanted chicken, but that would have involved hitting a fourth drive-thru. So, Frankie picked up a couple of Chinese chicken salads from the taco place. Mike’s a tad disappointed. He says, “This isn’t chicken. Chicken comes in a bucket.” Good point.

Frankie and Mike realize they are constantly catering to the whims of their kids. They decide to take back the house. What does this mean? Well, let’s just say that they won’t have to wait until Wizards of Waverly Place is over before they can watch their shows on TV anymore. Additionally, the kids must keep all their crap in their rooms or it goes into the trash. Mike even brings home pineapple pizza because he and Frankie love it even though the kids don't.

With cross country season a fond memory, Sue is ready to take on her next challenge. Cheerleading, basketball and synchronized swimming all require a tryout, so none of those activities will work. That leaves the “Everybody-Makes-It Lunchroom Follies.” We have a winner!

Sue needs a polka dot umbrella from the mall that’s essential to her Lunchroom Follies routine. But Frankie is not about to buy it for her. She tells a bummed out Sue to make do with something they already own. Sadly, there’s a shortage of polka dot umbrellas in the Heck house.

Brick must adapt to the fact that his parents will no longer take him to the library whenever he feels like reading about Peru. We’re guessing it’s more often than you might think. Anyway, our boy Brick is forced to explore his Peruvian interests online. He quickly becomes addicted to the Internet, staying up late on sites trying to determine things like “who wears it best.” Brick initially went with Ashley Tisdale, but upon further reflection, Scarlett Johansson probably wears it better.

Axl wants to take back the house from his folks taking back the house. It’s all part of a double take-back strategy. He cozies up to his mom to watch an episode of Say Yes to the Dress. That lasts about five seconds. At least Axl could flee the room. All three kids look like their heads are going to explode when Frankie cranks up the Little River Band on the car radio. “We’ll go dancing in the dark, walking through the park and reminiscing.”

Speaking of the Little River Band, they’re playing this Wednesday night at T.J. Schnauzer’s. Actually, it’s the Little River Band cover band. Still not bad, right? Frankie convinces a few neighbors to join her and Mike for a weeknight out. Taking back the house isn’t good enough anymore. Frankie wants them all to take back their lives. What better way to do this than rockin’ out to a little Lonesome Loser in downtown Orson?

As much as Frankie and Mike enjoy their night out, they realize it’s not the kind of thing they can do on a regular basis. They need to be at home to stop Brick from doing things like place an online bid for a speedboat or meeting a chat room pal at the park.

Frankie also knows she needs to get Sue that polka dot umbrella for the Lunchroom Follies. Mike does, too. Of course, neither parent wants the other to know that he/she caved, so they both show up at the school with the polka dot prop. Why’d they do it? Simple. They love their kids. Besides, you can never have too many polka dot umbrellas.