Ruth is an estranged high school Amish girl. She is on Sue's Wrestlerette team and is friends with the other Wrestlerette outcast girls including dorky Sue Heck, mean tough Becky, and "Weird Ashley" the wizard wannabe. Ruth wears a long, droopy cheerleading skirt because she believes short skirts are against her religion. Ruth appears to belong to a religious group as she mentions that short skirts are against her religion, she already has an arranged husband, and she has fourteen brothers. She references the rapture. She attends Wrestlerette meetings and sleepovers at Sue's house with the other Wrestlerettes.


  • At Sue's sleepover, Ruth did not object to Ashley's séance.
  • Ruth quilts - she offers to sew and bless a quilt for the cheerleaders after the wrestling team begins to win.
  • When babysitting Brick, Ruth asks to be shown to the hatchery so she can kill a chicken for their dinner.
  • Ruth's childhood toys included a block of wood and a small rock.
  • Ruth's community has a smithy and uses buggies as transport.