The Middle Frankie and Rita Face Off00:53

The Middle Frankie and Rita Face Off

Rita Glossner is the mother of the reckless southern family, the Glossners, who are one of the Heck Family's neighbors. Rita's boys go around the neighborhood smashing stuff and stealing items. She has four children: Derrick Glossner, two little boy Glossners, and a little girl Glossner. Her other son, ¨Daiper¨ Glossner, is about 4 who rides around on a tricycle and swears. When neighbor, Frankie Heck, brings this up to her she denies it thinking they're angels. Rita is tall with squiggly brown hair and is very sleazy in clothing and not very chaste. She always is drinking a beer can which she whips on somebody's lawn. She is lazy and apparently lives a very hard life which is why she's very mean to everyone all the time. Every neighbor's afraid of her including the Heck's and the Donahue's. Her first husband was a drug addict who left her for a high school girl (The Neighbor) and she is not married in the series. Her oldest teenage son, Derrick Glossner, drives a motorbike and has kissed the Heck's middle child, Sue Heck, several times which she pretends she hates but secretly likes.  She apparently went to jail during the series but while Frankie was walking she found out Rita's back in the neighborhood. When Mike Heck went over there to talk to Rita her boob accidently popped out and when Frankie saw her again in the neighborhood Rita was in an overexposed one piece swimsuit.

Rita and her boys


Rita throwing chocolate at the Heck's house

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Rita and her boys

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