'Orson High is a high school in Indiana. The age group of students that attened Orson High is around 14-19. Orson High's Football team is The Thundering Hens. The mascot for the school is a Thundering Chicken/Hen. The only known person to be the Thundering Hens' Mascot is Sue Heck.

Noteable StaffEdit

  • Ms. Devereaux
  • Mr Farrar 
  • Senora Porter
  • Coach Lazovick 
  • Mrs Johnson
  • Jane Marsh (The Guidance Counselor) 
  • Ms. Bratton
  • Ms. Lambert
  • Ms. Carrington
  • Principal Cameron
  • Ms. Schaefer
  • Mr Flurry (Janitor)
  • Mr Glover
  • Miss Poltorak
  • Coach Tink Babbit
  • Assistant Coach Erica Davies
  • Ms. Huff
  • Cheerleading Coach Courtney
  • Cheerleading Coach Debbie
  • Dr Foltan (School Therapist)
  • Mrs Roberts 

Noteable PupilsEdit

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