Ms. Rinsky is Brick Heck's cold, stony, old third grade teacher.


Back to School

Ms. Rinsky is Brick Heck's third grade teacher. She is grumpy and old and generally not a pleasant lady. She called for a meeting with Brick's parents, Mike and Frankie Heck about Brick's "quirky" qualities. Frankie made it clear that Brick isn't special. Ms. Rinsky told Frankie that if you add an s to mother, you get smother. Frankie got frustrated and admitted that she is not a 'smother' and Brick is special. Ms. Rinsky thought if Brick is special then he needs special attention. Ms. Rinsky moved Brick's desk with him in it to the front of the class where she can have an eye on him. Brick didn't want to go to school. Brick told Frankie that he liked being in the back of the class. Frankie talked again with Ms. Rinsky asking her to move Brick's seat to the back. Ms Rinsky told Frankie that "If you take the m off of mom and you add a gl you get glom. Let me conjugate it for you, I glom, you glom, he/she gloms. You are a glommy mommy." Frankie got frustrated and said, "I am not a glommy mommy!" Ms. Rinsky made it clear that she didn't want to see her at the mother son breakfast which Frankie was looking forward to. Frankie and Mike got banned from the school's activities.
Ms. Rinsky smile

The Math Class

Brick wasn't understanding his math and Mike was getting frustrated with it. Brick claimed he's not doing it the way Ms. Rinsky does it. Mike asked how she does it and Brick claimed he didn't know. Frankie and Mike went back to talk with Ms. Risnky about the math and Ms. Rinsky told them that she was setting up an afterschool math class for parents which Frankie wasn't looking forward to. At the math class, Frankie was kissing up all goodie-goodie which made Mike tell her, "So that's the way you were in school." They kept talking and Ms. Rinsky asked if they would like to be separated. Frankie said no and Mike said yes. Mike got the answers correct and was favored by Ms. Rinsky. Frankie tried them and got them incorrect. Ms. Rinsky told Frankie if she knows so much about it why doesn't she go up to the board and show us how to do it. Frankie was very hesitant and kept making mistakes. Frankie announced that she can name all the presidents in order and started listing them until she kept repeating Madison and Monroe. Brick got all his homework assignments done. This doesn't explain why Brick got a D-minus on his next test. Frankie blames Ms. Rinsky. She feels she's a bad teacher. After a few late-night beers, Frankie assembles her thoughts in a harsh, rambling email to the school principal, who then asks to meet with Frankie and Mike. After Frankie sent the email, she decided to read it to Mike. She explained that she doesn't add up and that she would make a better Nazi, maybe she was, we don't know her background.

The reason Brick got a D-minus is because Ms. Rinsky lets them have free reading time once they finish their test. Brick only answered three questions so he could hit his book ASAP. An uncomfortable meeting in the principal's office clues in Frankie to the fact that the school actually has a file on her. That's never a good thing.

Ms. Rinsky believes the way to get Frankie to fall in line is not to ban her, but to embrace her. That's why she's going to be doing all kinds of extracurricular duties from here on out. Frankie will be in charge of the phone tree, school pets, and she'll be stuck with crossing guard duty every Tuesday and Thursday. On the bright side, none of those things require any math skills!

Back to Summer

At the end of the school year, Brick tells Frankie he might not be moving to the next grade. Frankie can't spend another year with Ms. Rinsky. Brick didn't do his daily journal that needs to be handed in in order to pass.  In 2 days, Mike and Frankie made up lies for Brick to write down in the journal. Frankie claimed that Ms. Rinsky is too lazy to read through it all. Frankie had to hand in the journal before going to Sue's eighth grade graduation. Ms. Risnky stopped her for a bit to read through it. Ms. Rinsky found it odd how Brick wrote down that they went to Disney World one day and then Paris the next. Ms. Risnky then read that Brick wrote down that he has been making up these journals in the past two days because his mother says that Ms. Rinsky is too lazy to read through them all. Frankie begged Ms. Rinsky to let Brick pass. Ms. Risnky assured Frankie that Brick's going to pass. She said she likes Brick, he makes her laugh. But she doesn't like her.