The Floating AnniversaryEdit

Axl: Hey, can I drive to school today?

Mike: No, not today. Your Mum and I have a lot to do. Plus we don't want to die.

Axl: If I don't get to practice driving I'm never gonna get my licence.

Mike: That's why we taught you to walk.

The InterviewEdit

Mike: Honey, give me my tie.

Frankie: Okay... but, what are we gonna yank to turn the basement light on?

Mike: Once I get this job I'm gonna get you the best light bulb chain money can buy.

The JeansEdit

[Arguing about buying Axl a car]

Frankie: Fine, if you can find a car, at the same price of those jeans, you go for it.

[Next scene, old kingswood drives in driveway]

Frankie narration: I should've known better.

Frankie: That cost a hundred and twelve bucks??

Mike: A hundred and ten. Keep the change. Buy yourself something pretty.

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