Season 1Edit

Frankie: Did we ever teach them the word 'dad'?

Mike:He he he! -Pilot

Sue : Dad said I suck at swimming!

Frankie : Mike!

Mike: And then I bought you a creamcicle -Cheerleader

Season 2Edit

Mike: Come on, dad! We have crumby food and TV at our house, too

Big Mike: Well that doesn't sound to inviting -Thanksgiving II

Mike: What happened?

Rusty : Ah you know the economy

Mike: The economy burned down your house?

Season 3Edit

"How many times do we have to tell you? Mmom has eyes on the back of her head! -The Telling

Season 4Edit

"There's a job fair in the paper" -Second Act

Sue: Out of all of us, which one is your favorite?

Mike: I pick Axl - Last Whiff of Summer

Season 5Edit

Frankie: So is this the hole that leads to my area?

Mike: No, that hole is your area

Frankie: I still don't get why we need walkies. I've been yelling at you for twenty years!

(marching band plays)

Frankie: Okay! I get it now! -The 100th

Season 6Edit

I can put a pillow over her head and we meet at a gas station and make the switch then." -The College Tour

"I figured every year could be the Year of Sue" -the Graduation

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