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Mike Heck
Gender Male
Hair color Brown
Eye color Blue
Birthday  ?? ??, 1962-1963
Age 50
Occupation(s) Quarry Manager
Family Wife: Frankie Heck

Sons: Axl Heck, Brick Heck
Daughter: Sue Heck
Father: Big Mike Heck
Brother: Rusty Heck
Father In Law: Tag Spence
Mother In Law: Pat Spence
Sister In Law: Janet

First appearance Pilot
Portrayer Neil Flynn

Mike Heck (born 1962-1963), Frankie 's husband, and the father of three: Axl Heck , Sue Heck , amd Brick Heck . known for his straightforward manner and emotional stability. Mike works at the quarry as the manager, and despite his no-nonsense approach to work and family, he is a devoted and understanding husband and father who always seems to come through for Frankie and the kids. From what has been said in the show so far, we know Mike pursued Frankie when they were younger and that at first she did not like him and even lied about what her name was to avoid him. Despite a short period where they broke up while dating, they have been together since their first date. It has been said on several occasions that Mike's favorite film is Reservoir Dogs and he only asked Frankie out on a second date because she lied and said she also liked the film. Mike's reclusive, unaffectionate father Big Mike and Mike's well-meaning, but unreliable and unsuccessful brother Rusty , both live in Orson. In the middle of season 2, the two move in together, as "Big Mike" recovers from a broken hip and Rusty needs a roof as he has been living in a tent since his house burned down. Mike always seems to wear a checkered shirt with jeans, leather belt and a pair of Red Wing 877 boots'. 

When watching a drive-in movie, Axl Heck, claimed every parent has a favorite child, their mother Frankie Heck denied it and Mike implied it was true. Mike claimed, he and Axl have a lot in common, such as football and sports. Sue was upset. Sue took out a scrapbook and labeled it The Summer of Sue and Dad, and alerted her father about the project. Mike then started giving Axl negative attention and Sue none at all. Going to a fair, Axl had his school paper in his truck when he wreck it and got towed. Frankie got upset and no one would listen to poor Sue. At the fair, Sue went to the lost and found for children wanting her family to wish to find her. After a while, the family came there to ask if they'd found the paper and left without Sue. At night, watching the fireworks, Axl stated he liked Mike better then Frankie. Sue got all worked up about how mom does everything for them. Brick then lesser stated he liked dad better. Sue slipped out accidently she liked dad better. They all agreed to forget about it and have no favorites. Back at the house, Sue completed the scrapbook with fun pictures and Sue called it The Summer of Sue and Dad.

Mike favors Axl a lot and has a close manly bond with him because of their love of sports. Mike also pays the most attention to Axl and yells at him about his grades. When Axl went away to college, Axl wouldn't text Frankie but would text Mike which got Frankie annoyed and stressed out. Mike texted Axl to text Frankie which he did and made her happy. Mike secretly missed Axl when Frankie rubbed it in that she got a text and Frankie texted Axl to call Mike which made him happy. 

Mike often forgets about Sue which makes Sue feel left out. For the longest time, Mike didn't know the potato place Sue worked at in the mall or what her JPLA meant. Mike kept trying to ask people to go with him to the basketball game and later took her out to lunch asking her what JPLA meant and agreed to attend one.  When somebody denied, Sue agreed to go but Mike ignored her. It then showed flashbacks of Sue asking to go places and she didn't get to. Frankie got angry that Mike wouldn't take Sue because she's a girl. Mike ended up taking Sue even when somebody else agreed also. Mike does go to a lot of Sue's sport tryouts even though she's terrible. 

Brick is forgotten all the time by both Frankie and Mike. Frankie and Mike are always trying to solve more important things than poor Brick. Mike and Frankie both have to attend a meeting with Brick's teacher every year about his quirkiness and attend his social group's meetings. Brick basically reads his life away and Mike and Brick never get to bond. Mike got Brick into football by having him read up on facts and find his favorite 3-syllable words. Brick began to like football and know tons of facts and Mike told him that if he can talk sports than he can talk to any guy in the world. Mike and rick watching football made Axl jealous. When Mike had his buddies from the quarry over to watch the game, Brick talked too much and made them leave one by one. When Brick used his father's day coupons he made for Mike he bothered Mike his whole vacation which Mike told Brick to leave him alone.

Mike and Frankie bicker about a lot of things involving their children. According to Mike, Frankie isn't young and shiny looking anymore. Frankie tries to get Mike ivolved in some things like having a social gathering in the backyard for both Mike and Brick. Frankie invited the neighbor over to hang out with Mike and when Mike found out he got angry. He also didn't like the fact that she's telling other guys that he is shy. He then found out Frankie was telling him personal stories about his brother and dad. Mike considered Frankie chatty in a pro and con list he made when they were dating which upset her. Years ago on their honeymoon, Mike took Frankie camping which was terrible according to Frankie.

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