Marlene Heck is Mike Heck's brother Rusty Heck's ex-wife. Mike's anti-social brother Rusty came to the Heck house wanting to throw a wedding at their house. Mike and Frankie had no idea he was even in a relationship. His fiancee, Marlene, was a very tipsy, sleazy, smokey soundind lady with brown hair who sounded very Italian. Rusty then told Mike he'll be raising two kids (from Marlene's previous marriages). The two got married in the Heck's back yard.

Marlene Heck and Ted Goodwin

Marlene returns with her to kids from previous marriages who are apparently in their late teens. At the same time, Frankie's dental boss, Dr. Ted Goodwin, was there not actually invited. Marlene kept coming on to him and liked the fact that he was a dentist. Brick stated that he thought she was Uncle Rusty's wife. She said they got a divorce and that him not communicating with anyone was one of their big problems, that and her sleeping with his best friend, but that was in the top 3.

During the family's football game, she and her kids, and Dr, Goodwin were on the same team. She tackled Dr. Goodwin even though they were on the same team to the ground. Dr. Goodwin became very scared of her.

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