Life Skills is the tenth episode of Season 4. It aired on January 9, 2013.


Axl and Sue discover they are in the same life skills class. When Axl discovers that he and Sue have been partnered to do a project, he finds excuses not to do it until the night before, and Axl makes a quick dash around the school for people to do the project for him (which turns out to be an Italian restaurant). Meanwhile, Brick's school therapist Dr. Fulton tries to help him make friends, and Dr. Fulton watches Brick throughout the day at school, but the two become close friends. A tree fell down on Mike and Frankie's car, and they are miserable with it. Mike and Frankie go to the Insurance Company to get it fixed, but their claim is declined on a technicality. 


The Middle Wiki - Sue and Axl Are Classmates

The Middle Wiki - Sue and Axl Are Classmates