Hecking Order is the third episode of season three.


Mike learns that Brick has been skipping gym class; while everyone else is outside, he's allowed to sit in the classroom and read. Axl tricks Sue to choose swimming as an elective so that she'll earn a pile of tardy slips. Elsewhere, Frankie is shocked that the kids feel that Mike is superior to her in the household, so Mike agrees to talk to Brick's teacher which doesn't go very well.


Lots of families gather round the table at dinnertime to talk about their day. In the Heck house, the family gathers around the table (with Brick in his usual lawn chair, of course) to listen to Sue talk about her day. She tells everyone with the news that, in high school, tater tots are called "tater rounds." Yes, it's a whole new world for this enthusiastic frosh. Sue asks, "Did you know they call freshman frosh?" We do now!

Axl is beyond frustrated by Sue's antics at his school. He tricks her into signing up for a swim class knowing that the pool is on the other side of the school. There's no way Sue can navigate her way through the busy hallways in time to make it to her next class. She begins accumulating a series of tardy slips. If she gets enough of them, it'll go on her permanent record. The horror!

Sue embarks on a series of shortcuts to avoid the dreaded tardy sweep. Only one route works. Problems arise when a couple of hormonal teens decide to have their morning make-out sessions right in front of her locker. Sue opts to plop all of her books into her backpack which causes her to fall backwards. She's a helpless turtle girl who has been flipped over on her shell.

Frankie is fed up. She gives her kids a refresher course on just who runs the show in their house. The children disagree with the hierarchy she's laid out. They believe their dad is the person in charge. Mike doesn't do much to change their minds. As you may have guessed, Frankie isn't happy about any of this.

Brick is having issues with his new fourth grade teacher, Mr. Wilkerson (guest star Chord Overstreet). He prefers women teachers. He likes their bosoms. Brick would also like to get out of climbing the rope in gym class. With his folks reluctant to have a chat with the new teacher, Brick convinces Mr. Wilkerson to allow him to read during gym class. Win-win, right? Wrong.

Mike heads down to the school to meet young Mr. Wilkerson. He's surprised to learn that the teacher actually wants Brick to go to gym. He just wants Brick to want to go there, too. That's not gonna happen. Mike thinks Mr. Wilkerson should order his son to go. Things go south fast. Mr. Wilkerson uses a teaching tool he calls an "answer ball," which Mike hurls across the classroom with great velocity.

Frankie is bummed to learn that Brick is still not back in gym class and that Mike must fill out a parenting-style questionnaire (find out your own parenting style with our Parentally Challenged Quiz). She ends up helping her hubby because people take charge of different things at different times in a family. Later, Sue helps Brick see that gym class is a good thing. If you make it to the top of the rope, you get a free frozen yogurt. Score!

Axl admits that he's mildly impressed with Sue's tenacity. He says, "You're like this dork optimist." It's the nicest thing he's ever said to his sis. Sue is stunned to see the make-out king and queen of Orson High are no longer hanging at her locker. That's because Axl shooed them away just before she arrived. It's just the break Sue needed to make it to class on time and avoid the tardy sweep. And, hey, the teacher even gets her name right during roll call!