Hecks having a talk in the living room


I don't like to use language, but this...stinks!Edit

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The Heck House is where Frankie, MikeAxlSue & Brick Live. It is located at Birchwood Avenue, Orson, Indiana. It is seen to be always falling apart. Most of the house has green walls. It has a washing machine in disrepair, a dishwasher that has flooded the kitchen, a sink that fell straight through the counter in "The Sinkhole", and a leaky, lousy roof. The Hecks, especially Mike, are frustrated by this. 

Frankie would like/has attempted polant shrubs, but they always end up being destroyed by the Hecks' neighbors from hell, the Glossners. The mother of the Glossners, Rita, does nothing but defend her boys from the Hecks. 

The Heck House includes 

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