The Floating AnniversaryEdit

Brick: I wish I could stay home and watch TV and have you make me soup.

Frankie: Oh, sorry honey, wrong family.


Mike: How am I supposed to know what you think is fun?

Frankie: You know how there's songs about decorating a tree or building a snowman? That's how you know! If it's in a song, don't do it!

Hallelujah HoedownEdit

Frankie: Who buys a person yellow pants?!

The Big Chill Edit

Mike: What are you doing?

Frankie: What does it look like I'm doing? I'm rocking a piece of our grandchild. 

TV or Not TV Edit

Frankie: This is an outrage. If you're gonna shut off the power, do it at the top of the hour before I'm already hooked on "Conveyer Belt of Love". 

Royal Wedding Edit

Frankie: Oh, I'm blind! Why is this happening to me? All I wanted was to have tea and scones and watch the royal wedding, and now I can't open my eyes and...ahh, my tears can't even get out! 

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