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Frankie Heck
Gender Female
Hair color Brown
Eye color Brown
Birthday November 14, 1966
Age 46
Occupation(s) Car Salesman (former)

Dental Hygenist

Family Husband: Mike Heck

Sons: Axl Heck, Brick Heck
Daughter: Sue Heck
Father: Tag Spence
Mother: Pat Spence
Sister: Janet
Niece: Lucy
Father In Law: Big Mike
Brother In Law: Rusty, Gary

Friends Bob

Nancy Donahue
Paula Norwood

First appearance Pilot
Portrayer Patricia Heaton
Frances "Frankie" Heck née Spence (born November 14, 1966), a wife and mother of three. Frankie is the central character in the show and provides the voice-over narration. She is married to a tall, boring, blunt husband Mike Heck while she is short and stressful. Her oldest son, Axl Heck , is lazy and stupid which Frankie continues to stress on him being so lazy and how he's bad at grades. Then there's her daughter, Sue Heck , who is a super dorky, and has her emotions bubbling at the top. Her youngest son, Brick Heck , always has her finish up his last minute projects. Mike and Frankie always have to have a metting with brick's teacher every year because Brick has many quirks including whispering and recently whooping. Brick also has social issues which they have to attend classes. Frankie stressed about Axl trying to get in to college and spends a lot of time with Sue being her only daughter. This makes Brick feel invisible and Frankie and Mike always forget about him. Her motto, "You do for family", guides her daily routine, despite the frustrations she encounters with her three kids and her older, ailing relatives who depend on her for their needs. She often tries to force good things, which often annoys her family. For the longest time, Frankie was a car saleswoman at Elhert's Motors. She befriended an eccentric male worker named Bob who has a crush on her. Mr. Elhert was mean and bitter towards Frankie and made her do everything because she was the only female. Axl's school would always call Frankie for either Axl or Brick. Bob spent a lot of time with Axl and Mike because he's a bit of a loner. Bob and Frankie were jealous of Pete for making all of the sales. Speaking of jealousy, quickly jealous of Nancy Donahue , mother of the Donahue family on the corner who had a seemingly perfect family. Axl is best friends with Sean Donahue and Darrin. Nancy is always so nice to Frankie which gets Frankie jealous. Neighbor Rita Glossner 's kids were stealing the neighborhood's stuff and Frankie went over there and fought with her returning all of the neighbors' stuff back. In one episode all the kids admit that Mike was their favorite long after Mike admit Axl was his favorite. Frankie is stressed and overworked. Mike and Frankie are both laid back parents. 


She currently studies at dental college, after being fired from her job at Elhert Motors, a job she took after losing her position at a dentist's office that had closed down. She went to college but didn't graduate.


  • She has sold a car before.
  • She loves doughnut holes and chicken.
  • She is an eternal optimistic.
  • She has gotten fired from 2 "crappy jobs"
  • She once had 4 jobs.
  • She was a cheerleader in her senior year of high school.
  • When the Heck family goes on an outing, she always forgets the blue bag full of snacks when someone is hungry.
  • She hates Mother's Day.
  • She likes it when Axl hugs her.
  • She ends up doing all of Brick's work when he forgets.
  • She likes her grilled cheese cut in triangles with a potato chip in the middle.
  • She likes using signals.
  • She is extremely short, but her husband is very tall.

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