Food Courting is the twentieth episode of Season 6. It aired on April 15, 2015.

Summary Edit

When Axl is celebrating his milestone 21st birthday at college, he is forced by Mike to come home and help him move a freezer. Axl keeps refusing every time until Mike uses the parent force. It turns out Mike wanted Axl to have beer with him and used the freezer as an excuse to get him home, but after an argument, he refuses to take Axl to the bar. Axl goes to the bar by himself, where the clerk starts giving him a hard time until Mike arrives to defend him, and they finally have a beer together. Brick starts turning into a mini-Axl and cops a bad attitude towards Frankie, getting him punished multiple times by Frankie and Mike. Elsewhere, Sue is tempted by a rival food court chain to leave Spudsy's, until Brad convinces her to take a job at his food stand.

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