Fight or Flight is the twentythird and final episode of Season 8. It aired on May 16, 2017.


Axl is asked by Kenny to travel through Europe with him for three months, with Kenny paying for the trip. Mike is staunchly against the idea, saying Axl needs to grow up and start looking for a job at home, while Frankie sees it as Axl getting a rare opportunity that she and Mike never had. It is revealed that Mike really wanted to spend one last summer with Axl. Brick seeks out his old lawn chair after experiencing back pain. Meanwhile, Sue backs into another vehicle while at the store, and leaves a note despite barley leaving a scratch. When the owner doesn't call right away, Sue panics and returns to the scene to leave several more notes. In the end, Axl ends up leaving for Europe, while Sue gets into contact with the owner of the car.