This is a description of the Heck family tree.

Starting with Frankie's side of the family: Frances "Frankie" Heck was born to Tag Spence and Pat Spence . She has a sister, Janet, who is married to Gary, and their daughter is Lucy .

Now to Mike's side of the family: Michael "Mike" Heck was born to "Big Mike" Heck . (His mother's name is unknown.) He has a brother, Rusty, who has an ex-wife: Marlene, who has two children- Coleen and Louie Louie Tom

Frankie and Mike have three kids: Axl Heck (born 1994), Sue Sue Heck (born February 29, 1996), and Brick Heck (born November 2000). Sue's name was accidentally written down twice on her birth certificate, making her middle name Sue.

Aunt Edie & Aunt Ginny


Frankie's Family

Tiny Axl

Mike's Family