Escape Orson is the tenth episode of the eighth season of The Middle. It premiered on January 3, 2017.


New Year's Day finds the Hecks lamenting that they did nothing special over the holidays, until Frankie finds an about-to-expire pass to an escape room. While leaving, the family runs into the Donahues, who brag about their record time escaping the room. This makes Frankie more determined than ever and she is confident they can beat the Donahues' time because Sue is so good at puzzle games. However, Sue later confesses to Axl that she cheated during all the family games she won. The Hecks are joined by a man named Milt in the escape room, being short of the minimum number of participants, and Brick becomes convinced that Milt is really David S. Rosenthal, author of the Planet Nowhere books.