Edie and Ginny are Frankie's elderly aunts who are heavy smokers and drinkers. Aunt Edie used to work in Mike's quarry as the bookkeeper, often showing signs of memory loss, while Aunt Ginny uses a wheelchair and rarely talks. They have a sickly Basset Hound named Doris.

On many occasions, Frankie is forced to care for Doris unexpectedly; on one such occasion, Doris gave birth to puppies. In "The Map", which premiered in early 2012, Aunt Ginny dies. (The actress, Frances Bay portraying her had died in real life.) Brick's elderly friend, Grandma Dot, then moves in with Edie to take care of her. In the February 4, 2015 episode, Aunt Edie dies at the age of 96.


Aunt Edie

Season 1

Season 2 

Season 3 

Season 4

Aunt Ginny

Season 1

  • The Pilot
  • The Floating Anniversary
  • Thanksgiving
  • Siblings
  • The Final Four
  • TV or Not TV

Season 2

  • Halloween 
  • Erand Boy
  • Thanksgiving II
  • A Simple Christmas
  • The Math Class


  • Aunt Edie and Ginny own a dog called Doris.
  • Aunt Edie's hair is grey, but she wear a black wig. That does not cover all of her grey hair.
  • It is suspected that Aunt Edie had dementia.
  • When Aunt Ginny passed away, Aunt Edie kept forgetting she had died. So Frankie had to keep telling her that Ginny had died. And been as Frankie had to keep telling her, one time she told Edie, Ginny had died in a hand gliding accident, just to "spice things up."
  • Aunt Edie's last appearance was Thanksgiving IV in Season 4. Although Edie wasn't written out of the show until "Hecks on a Train" in Season 6. 
  • Aunt Edie wanted to be buried with her first husband in South Dakota.
  • Aunt Edie lived up to age 96.
  • After Aunt Edie died, the Hecks became Doris' new owner.
  • Aunt Ginny never had any lines.
  • Aunt Ginny's son Travis, is in prison.
  • Aunt Ginny was written out of the show after Frances Bay (the actress) passed away in real life.
  • Aunt Ginny was written out in the episode "The Map" in Season 3. It was confirmed that she died in her sleep.
  • Aunt Ginny lived up to age 100.
  • Aunt Ginny left some money to Frankie in her will.