From Season One or before to Season Four, Frankie Heck worked at Ehlert Motors, a car dealership owned by Don Ehlert. He was sexist towards Frankie and made her do everything because she was a woman. Frankie also worked with Bob who was weird and wimpy who Mr. Ehlert also bossed around. Frankie and Bob were both jealous of Pete who was favored by Mr. Ehlert and made most of the sales. Other workers are Lou, who is never really mentioned, and The Car Lot P.A., who never makes a physical appearance, but is still there. Frankie had the least number of sales. Whenever Frankie would be trying to sell a car, the speakers who call Frankie because they either got a call from Axl's school for either of her two sons Axl and Brick Heck or from the quarry from her husband Mike Heck. Ehlert usually yells at Frankie and always calls her by her first name Frances. Mr. Ehlert casually drinks at work and Frankie has been known to steal supplies from work and claimed that Ehlert is getting on to her about it. 

Mr. Ehlert took Frankie's idea of filling up a car with jelly beans for somebody to guess the number for a contest but the jelly beans stuck together and were one solid block. For Orson High School 's homecoming football game, Mr. Ehlert sat in the back seat and waved and made the homecoming queen get out and push the car when it started smoking. He also stated that he is the owner of Elhert Motors and two pawn shops. Ehlert wanted to shoot a commercial and had a person shooting a black person with a price tag sign to shoot down prices. Frankie claimed that that is racist. Ehlert hired a slasewoman, who was a professional, who pretended to act drunk and wanted to buy a car. Frankie didn't want to sell her a car and Ehlert claimed that a drunk customer is the easiest sell. 

Ehlert was depressed in his office on Thansgiving and claimed that he's having everybody work today because he and his wife are getting a divorce. Frankie felt bad and started drinking with him. Frankie got angry when she found out that his wife is divorcing him because he's working today.

Ehlert takes Frankie on a special trip to show how valuable she is when the other male workers think it's because she's a woman. Frankie decides to quit when she finds out that he used her to drive him home from his colonoscopy and had to stay longer because he kept eating when he couldn't for 24 hours. Ehlert begged her to stay and she did with increased pay. She was later fired from Ehlert Motors and moved on to go to dental college and became a dental hygenist.