Derrick Glossner is Rita Glossner 's son.

He is about the age of Sue and has ginger hair color and a southern accent as of all the Glossners. He has two little brothers and a little sister who are reckless. He is the son of Rita Glossner, a sleazy unchaste woman of attitude who is a major problem for the Heck's. Derrick drives a motorbike. The Glossner kids once invaded the Heck's house and Sue and Brick Heck were thinking of ways to get them to leave and were eventually locked out. Sue asked Derrick nicely to leave their house and they did and he kissed her telling her he always kinda liked her. He later visited Sue at her job in the mall, Spudsy Malone's when she eventually told him he can't be kissing her and he did. Sue acted angry every time they kissed but secretly liked it. They eventually kept kissing but he stopped when he thought she didn't like those kisses.