Dale and Vicki are a couple who socialized with Frankie and Mike Heck while taking a walk in The Walk.

Frankie Heck and Mike Heck were taking a walk around the block and ran into Dale and Vicki. Vicki immediately recognized Frankie and reminded her that at one of the parent teacher nights she sat next to her and woke her up. Vicki introduced them to her husband Dale and Frankie introduced them to her husband Mike. They decided to wal
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k together. Frankie told Dale about when Mike and her were invited to stay at her sister's house for the weekend and they couldn't work anything. Vicki asked Mike about the quarry and he compared it to The Flinstones. Dale and Vicki left and told them that they'll she them later. Frankie and Mike were impressed with each other on how social they can be with other people. Frankie realized that if they can bring it for them then they can bring it for each other. 

Frankie and Mike were having a flat conversation while walking the same sidewalk the next day. Frankie looked for them and Mike announced to her that they're not here. While brushing their teeth together, Mike and Frankie confessed that they are both bored of talking to each other. Frankie decided to throw a dinner party with the neighbors. The Donahues, The Norwoods, and Dale and Vicki showed up at Heck House. They were all making jokes about their husbands. Vicki said that when they went to Italy last summer, he only learned how to say two things: (?) and we can"t afford that. Paula Norwood then claimed they went to Italy last summer. they started talking about that and then so did the Donahue's. Frankie and Mike were trying to listen in but found that they weren't that social afterall.