Courtney and Debbie were two head cheerleaders at Orson High. They are very pretty and talented with their cheer-leading but they're not the brightest people. They are quite dumb and can sometime come across a patronising (particularly towards Sue). Even though they have met Sue loads of times, they never remember who she is. They often name her as a exchange student or Brad's new freshman friend.

Biography Edit

In Season 3 they first appear teaching and judging some girls who are auditioning to be cheerleaders. Sue attends the auditions. Sue does get a phone call saying she's a cheerleader but when she shows up for practise the next day, Courtney and Debbie tell her that there was a "horrible mix up" and that she didn't make the team. They subtly tell Sue to step down and go away, but Sue says no and demands to stay as a cheerleader. Sue then offers to make a deal that if they want her to go quietly, she'll need a few things. As she told everyone she knew that she was a cheerleader now, and to have to tell everyone that she isn't anymore would be humiliating. Sue asks that she wants to wear the uniform to school, to be in the group photo in the yearbook, and to cheer in one game. And also for at least two cheerleaders to attend my birthday party. Courtney and Debbie agrees to everything except the birthday party. In The Guidance Counselor Sue asks Courtney and Debbie about yearbook pictures for teams and clubs. Courtney and Debbie don't remember Sue, and when Sue says she's on wrestlerettes Courtney and Debbie don't know what they are and are convinced that they're not a thing and that there isn't even a wrestling team. Sue becomes upset about this and decides to see the guidance counsellor about it, and when Sue takes some advice the wrong way she decides to change her name to Suki. When Sue tells Courtney and Debbie that they can call her Suki now, they think that she said she has Suki, a disease you get from hanging out with pigs or birds, and go to the nurse to make sure that haven't got it as they "can't afford to get sick as they are cheerleaders, because people count on them to look good". There is then an announcement saying that there has been a report of Suki in the school, and for students to wash their hands thoroughly and not to share food.

In Season 4 they first appear in Bunny Therapy and are doing their homework in the Hecks house. Sue confronts them and says hello. Again they don't remember Sue, Sue reminds them and adds that she's Axl's sister, but they protest saying Axl doesn't have a sister. Axl then comes into the room and pulls Sue away telling her to go away, and wants Courtney and Debbie that she is not his sister as they're cheerleaders and he's dating one of them. When Axl, Courtney and Debbie make their way to the movies Debbie tells Axl the there's a sad girl that's lost in his house. Later Axl can't figure out who he's dating between Courtney and Debbie after talking to Sean and Darrin as they think he's dating Debbie, while he thinks he's dating Courtney. Axl then realises he has no idea who he's dating as they are always together and were both acting like they were dating him. Axl tries many ways to figure out who he's dating by dropping them off at their own houses, but the ask to be dropped off at the same house as they're having a sleepover. Axl next tries to make an announcement using the school microphone by saying "Can Axl Heck's girlfriend please report to the main office." Neither show up and instead Weird Ashley shows up. Axl's then tries to set one of them up with Sean for Homecoming asking if they know anyone who would want to go with him. Debbie answers by saying that she might no a certain cheerleader who would love to go with him, then she shouts "Sara we found you a date". So Sean ends up going to Homecoming with Sara, or better known as "Bottom of the Pyramid Sara". Before Homecoming Axl tries another time to find out who he's dating by giving his date a corsage, but they don't take it as they think it leaves a rash on their arm. Axl then takes a risk and tries one last time to find out who he's dating and goes and kisses one of them, he goes to kiss Courtney but she slaps him. Axl then turns to Debbie and she slaps him also.


Each OtherEdit

Courtney and Debbie get on well with each other, they are kind of like sisters. They could easily be mistaken for twins as they both sound the same and are always with each other (In Halloween V, Courtney mentions how they spend every second of every day together). The only time they showed any tension between each other was in Halloween V when explaning what they do as Assistant Cheerleading Coaches.

Sue HeckEdit

Courtney and Debbie never remember who Sue is. Even though they have met loads of times. Sue shows annoyance towards the two been as they never remember her and seem to either think she's a foreign exchange student or a new freshman student. Sue also showed a lot of dislking towards them when they decided to cheer for the wrestling team, this would mean Sue, Weird Ashley, Becky and Ruth would end up losing their Wrestlerette Ranking. This resulted to a dance off between the cheerleaders and wrestlerettes. 

 Axl Heck Edit

When Axl first met Courtney and Debbie he started to date one of them. But been as they were both always with each other Axl never knew who he was dating After many attempts to find out who he was dating it leaded to Axl just going and kissing one. He took a chance and chose Courtney and kissed her, Courtney slapped Axl and so did Debbie when Axl turned to Debbie. It's assumed Axl was dating Debbie. After this Courtney and Debbie stayed as friends with Axl and there was never any tension between them. 

Sean and Darrin Edit


Sean and Darrin, dancing with Courtney and Debbie at Prom.

Courtney and Debbie seem to be friends with Sean and Darrin too. When it was Axl, Sean and Darrin's Senior Prom, Sean and Darrin took Courtney and Debbie as their dates. But when they got to the prom they ended up also having no ideo who their date was so they just all dated together. 

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Season 4Edit

  • Bunny Therapy 
  • Halloween III: The Driving
  • The Friend
  • The Bachelor
  • Hallelujah Hoedown

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  • Courtney and Debbie are always with each other when they appear in an episode.
  • Courtney and Debbie are a year below Axl, and a year above Sue.
  • Courtney and Debbie are now Assistant Cheerleading Coaches at Orson High.