Colin Firth was the Heck's temporary dog who first appeared in The Jump .

Frankie Heck was sick and tired of her family constantly teasing her. Driving out of a parking lot she picked him up so somebody could listen to her. She brought him home and followed and obeyed Frankie. The problem was he was mean to everyone else including Sue Heck , Axl Heck , and especially Mike Heck

Mike wanted Frankie to put up fliers for a lost dog. She claimed tape didn't stick well in this weather. Frankie's Dental boss, Dr. Ted Goodwin , was feeling lonely for a while.  He began to hang out with Frankie. Frankie accepted this because he signs her pay checks, and he's 5x nicer than her last boss Dr. Elhert but he could still fire her, and she's not that great at her job. After Dr. Goodwin's terrible stand up comedy act, he told Frankie he just needed something to fill the gap ever since Toffee ran away. Toffee was apparently his dog that (despite being a hygenist) was named Toffee because he was white with brown spots and was sweet like toffee. Frankie realized the exact description and did the right thing and give him to Ted Goodwin. Mike was bonding over a basketball game with Colin Firth at the time. Frankie walked him into the dental office which made Dr. Ted Goodwin so happy. Frankie said she saw a family with lost dog fliers. He said it looked so much like Toffee too. Frankie questioned this and Dr. Goodwin said Toffee only had three legs but this could be his twin! Colin Firth resides with Dr. Goodwin currently even though Frankie said they could schedule walks in the park together.