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Brad Bottig
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Gender Male
Hair color Brown
Eye color Blue
Occupation(s) Student
Friends Sue Heck


First appearance Thanksgiving
Portrayer Brock Ciarlelli

Brad Bottig is Sue's flamboyant best friend, and ex boyfriend. They dated during Thanksgiving but shortly broke up when Sue found out Brad is a smoker. Frankie and Mike both suspect he is gay; however, both Sue and Brad seem oblivious of their suspicions. He dated Carly for one episode, which made Sue very jealous, leading to Carly and Brad's breakup.


  • He was on the wrestling team.
  • Good friends with both Sue and Carly, though it does seem that he is closer to Sue.
  • Brad went to an academy to fix his smoking problem.
  • Brad is very bubbly, and it seems that he is very kind. He's also a really loyal friend to Sue.


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