Brad Bottig is Sue's flamboyant best friend, and ex-boyfriend. They dated during Thanksgiving but shortly broke up when Sue found out Brad is a smoker. He was sent to a religious academy to fix this problem, and remains friends with Sue. He is also good friends with Carly, though it seems that he is closer to Sue. He is very bubbly, and it seems that he is very kind. He's also a very loyal friend. Frankie and Mike both suspect he is gay; however, both Sue and Brad seemed oblivious of their suspicions. He dated Carly for one episode, which made Sue very jealous, leading to Carly and Brad's breakup. At some point, Sue also begins to suspect that he is gay. In Risky Business, Brad is about to come out to her, and she says, "I know." hugs him, and supports him. He also was on the wrestling team.

Appearances Edit

Season 1Edit



The Fun House

Season 2 Edit

The Diapier Incident

Super Sunday

Season 3 Edit

Bad Choices

Year of the Hecks

The Map

The Telling

The Wedding

Season 4 Edit

The Second Act

The Hose

Thanksgiving IV

The Friend

The Smile

Wheel of Pain

Hallelujah Hoedown

The Ditch

Season 5 Edit

Change in the Air

The 100th

Sleepless in Orson

The Award

Vacation Days

The Walk

Heck on a Hard Body

Season 6 Edit

Unbraceable You

The Loneliest Locker

The Table

Halloween V

The College Tour

A Quarry Story

Streaming Pile of Guilt

The Waiting Game

Siblings and Sombreros

Food Courting

The Graduate

Season 7 Edit

Risky Business

Season 8 Edit

The Confirmation

The Final Final

Season 9 Edit

Please Don't Feed the Hecks

Eyes Wide Open

New Year's Revelations

The Other Man

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