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Brad Bottig
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Gender Male
Hair color Brown
Eye color Blue
Occupation(s) Student
Friends Sue Heck


First appearance Thanksgiving
Portrayer Brock Ciarlelli

Brad Bottig is Sue's flamboyant best friend, and ex boyfriend. They dated during Thanksgiving but shortly broke up when Sue found out Brad is a smoker. Frankie and Mike both suspect he is gay; however, both Sue and Brad seem oblivious of their suspicions. He dated Carly for one episode, which made Sue very jealous, leading to Carly and Brad's breakup.


He dated Sue once and he is thought to be gay because of the way he acts, and talks.


  • He was on the wrestling team.
  • Good friends with both Sue and Carly, though it does seem that he is closer to Sue.
  • It is heavily hinted that he is gay.
  • Brad went to an academy to fix his smoking problem.
  • Brad is very bubbly, and it seems that he is very kind. He's also a really loyal friend to Sue.


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It was revealed that while Brad was on his AmeriCorps mission in Miami, Florida, delivering 80lbs of tofu steaks to a homeless shelter, he was driving past a beach and met a 6'2" Asian guy named Bruce Chan. He saw him take his shirt off and run into the water. Since he was three hours ahead of schedule, he decided to go to that beach to see if he could get his attention because he was developing feelings he had never had before. He was able to get his attention and after talking with him, he realized that he was gay. Bruce then asks him to go out to a gay night club. Brad became excited but then remembered that he had to deliver the tofu steaks to the homeless shelter of people who hadn't had proper nutrition in days. Brad decided that this delivery could wait if he only went for a little while. They both go into the night club and dance for hours making him four hours late for the delivery and inadvertently getting him kicked out of AmeriCorps. As they are dancing, Bruce sneaks off to the side so Brad couldn't catch him in the massive crowd of people and he takes the keys to his car and steals it. It turns out Bruce wasn't gay but pretended to be to gain Brads trust and steal his car with the tofu steaks for the homeless people who were suffering from malnutrition. Brad tries to chase him down but it is midnight and he doesn't know where he is. He decides to hitchhike and runs into a truck driver named Twinkie. He decides to give him a ride. Before they reach Miami, Twinkie stops for a pack of cigarettes. After he gets back into the truck, he offers Brad one and being a former smoker himself he decided to do it to get that rush again. What they didn't know was that while Brad was in the club, somebody was throwing some sort of liquid into the audience and Brad got the better amount of it. That liquid thrown at the crowd was lighter fluid, but they were warned before hand but since Brad was having too much fun dancing and expressing his newfound life as a homosexual, he didn't completely listen and thought it was just water. The guy thought it would be cool to throw lighter fluid into the crowd because it would be edgy and that they could shower off with the hose outside of the club. So as he turned on the lighter and lit up the cigarette, he dropped it and it set him on fire completely. He jumped out of the truck and began to run all over the place like a mad man. He was however able to stop the fire by jumping into a pond but as he got out, he was hit by a car, which happened to be the same one he was driving to deliver the tofu steaks to the homeless people who were craving actual meat and it was driven by Bruce himself. The run over was strong enough to send Brad flying back and it killed him in the process. His mangled corpse was sent back to Orson, and on the day of his funeral, his dad saw his text message which revealed that he was gay, sending the dad in a pit of insanity.

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