Bill Norwood is one of the Heck's neighbors and is the husband of Paula Norwood and has a child.

When the Norwood's moved into the neighborhood, Frankie Heck, went to give them a peace offering which was a plate of chips and Bill and some other guys from the neighborhood were watching the football game.  Frankie was telling Bill that her husband, Mike, is "shy" and would like to hang out some time. Mike was upset that Frankie was telling other guys that he's shy and refused. Frankie continued to call Bill up and ask if he could ask him to do it. Then Frankie would be telling family secrets about Mike's brother Rusty and father Big Mike. Mike got annoyed with this again! Mike eventually hang out with Bill. Eventually the Norwood's try to avoid the Heck family as quickly as possible.

Bill Norwood asked to borrow Mike's gas pump which was luckily right by the door. Bill asked if his daughter, Sue, would be intersted in soccer tryouts. Sue, who tries out and fails at everything, decided she could use all of her equipment from her iother sports for soccer.  At the first practice, Bill lied that he had soemthing big at work and Mike would have to become the coach. Bill said at least he knows the team's in good hands.  Mike had to manage a team of overly-dramatic teenage girls.

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