Back to Summer is the twenty-fourth episode of season two, and last episode of the season.


All three of the Heck children face difficulties with school before summer vacation: Axl must rush to complete his 72-hour community service requirement in 48 hours, Brick risks being held back if he does not complete a daily journal, and Sue must prove that she had perfect attendance.


Nothing says summer like a brand new Tiki Torch! Frankie has plans to transform their backyard into an island paradise. She may be getting ahead of herself though. There's still four days until the end of school. That means Sue is in the home stretch to receive the coveted Perfect Attendance Award. Sadly, school records indicate that she was absent October 13th. Uh oh.

Sue embarks on a search for proof that she was, indeed, the perfect student attendance-wise. An orthodontist appointment on the day in question made her late, but a note from the doc doesn't help her case. Sue digs deeper to find a time-stamped school video that shows her interrupting band rehearsal. It looks like she's getting that award after all. Feel free to let out your best high-pitched Sue Heck joy scream at this time. Eeeee!!

Brick was supposed to be keeping a daily journal during the school year for Ms. Rinsky's class. Without the completed project, he won't be moving on to fourth grade. Frankie pushes Brick to catalogue all the events of the school year over the next few days. Too bad her memory has been failing lately, so she can't recall anything they've done. And Brick only remembers days when he wasn't reading a book. Time to get creative!

Frankie doesn't believe Ms. Rinsky will read every page of the journal. They fill in the blank dates with tales of trips to Paris and letters to President Nixon. As you may have guessed, this doesn't fly with Ms. Rinsky. Fear not. Brick is going to the fourth grade. Ms. Rinsky likes the kid, but there's no way she wants to deal with his mom for another year. Frankie assures Ms. Rinsky that Brick's her last child, so she's all clear from here on out.

To complete a school-mandated community service assignment, Axl combines his obligation with some Time with Tots kids by making them put together meals for hungry shut-ins. Mike shuts down his slacker son's sweatshop forcing him to pack and deliver the meals himself. Axl is bummed because his dad never says anything nice about him. Mike comes clean. He says his kids are the best thing that ever happened to him. Nice.

The race is on to make it Sue's graduation. Frankie swings by to pick up Mike and Axl who are finishing the last of their food deliveries. The family is a little late, but they get there just in time to hear the principal announce the name of the only student to achieve perfect attendance during the school year: Barb Hecky!

Frankie fears this goof will crush her daughter. It doesn't. No one ever gave Sue recognition all through junior high. Why should today be any different? Everyone is confused as Sue laughs hysterically on stage. Make that everyone but her family. They're laughing right along with her. It's one those little life moments they'll never forget. Way to go, Barb! You and the rest of the Heckys rock! Have a great summer with your new Tiki Torch!