• "Why can't I feel like Beyonce?!" -The Math Class
  • "I'd like to solve the murder cuz you just got Axed!" -Hecking Order
  • "Fine, whatever, god!" -The Legacy
  • "Sue, face it! You're never going to be a model!" -TV or Not TV
  • "My name gets to be in the name because your garage is filled with your sister's gymnastics equipment!"  -TV or Not TV
  • "Great job, mom . You forgot to get chips!" -Pilot
  • "And the Oscar for the worst mom goes to..."  -Winners and Losers
  •  "Why are you trying to ruin my life? -Homecoming
  • Noooooooooooooooooo! -Halloween III: The Driving
  • "I'm going to give you the gift of me this year" -A Simple Christmas
  • "See ya later suckers!" -The Drop-off
  • Let's go, Pops! -The Drop-off
  • "Maybe if I put a bikini on my idea, you would like it." -The Ditch
  • "I had the lowest of expectations, and I'm still disappointed." -The Bee
  • Sue: Look, I believe I was very cool about you dating my best friend, but I didn't know it meant that you would be there all the time, even when she's not here!
  • Axl: Last time I checked, Lexie's dad is paying the rent, so what Lexie wants, Lexie gets. And what Lexie wants is all this, and Lexie's dad wants me to eat your chips. -Adult Swim
  • Sue: I can just kiss seargeant of arms goodbye!

  • Axl: not with that mouth you can't! I'm back, baby! -Unbraceable You

  • Axl: I'll give you half if you don't tell Sue I have fluff. She's like a jackal

  • Lexie: Sue's my best friend, and I find that selfish. But I'm hungry, give me some. -Hoosier Maid

  • "Where is it? I know that you have some secret girl chocolate in here somewhere!" -True Grit

  • I'm not a kid anymore, I need to get a job! -Eyes Wide Open

  • "You can be my assistant sister, my assister!" -The 200th

  • Axl: I married April!

  • Sue: My brain can't processs the fact that you said 'married' so I assumed you said 'carried', like over a puddle

  • Axl: Yeah, I carried her...into the Winnebago after I married her! -A Verry Marry Christmas

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