Ashley Wyman is Axl's weird classmate (hence the nickname, "Weird Ashley") who has twice been his accidental date to prom. She is also on Sue's Wrestlerette team. She has made friends with the other strange Wrestlerette members Sue, Becky, and Ruth. She has a keen interest in wizards, though she has never heard of Harry Potter. At a sleepover with the Wrestlerettes at the Heck house, Weird Ashley suggests having a séance, during which Sue summons the spirit of Christopher Columbus and thinks she sees The Santa Maria appear across the wall. At a third prom, Ashley is not Axl's date but, as the boy and his date Cassidy have broken up only moments earlier, dances with him when he's proclaimed Prom King. Axl grudgingly accepts her as a dance partner, though he still regrets inadvertently sending a text message inviting her to the Prom.

Ashley back in the day with wild medium-length hair.

In The Walk, Sue has too many dates to prom but ends up having none. She goes with Ashley--because "Ashley takes a Heck to prom every year." Sue has wanted to go with Darrin who, upon finding out that she has other offers, withdraws his own. Sue is unhappy and tells Ashley that she'll go alone.  On the night, Darrin eventually shows up and reunites with Sue.

In "Exes and Ohhhs", she returns with short haircut, claiming that a white wolf came to her in a dream and told her that if she sacrificed her hair, Axl would come back to her. It also appears that she is now working as a barmaid and still sports her infamous capes. It is revealed that she never knew Axl did not like her, and she does not seem to care all that much when he tells her he doesn't.

In "A Heck of a Ride," she briefly returns as the rest of the Heck neighbors gather to say goodbye to him. Ashley briefly picks up leaf clippings and throws them in his face.