Angel is a hairdresser with an Italian New York City accent and hairdo. She is Darrin 's ex-girlfriend. After Darrin got done installing an air conditioner in the back of the Heck's house. After meeting up with his ex-girlfriend, Sue Heck, Sue ran to the front yard wanting to get back together with Darrin when Angel showed up and they got introduced. Darrin told Sue that they were going to a movie like they do every week. Sue thought she was invited too. Darrin told her that he kind of meant just the two of us. Sue thought he meant her and thought that would be weird for Angel. Once Sue came to her senses she stated that the air conditioner is still broken and they waited to long to fix it (like their romance). 

Sue spent a day with Angel getting her hair done. Sue asked her what she liked about Darrin. Angel stated that she liked his face and arms. Sue told her best friend and former boyfriend, Brad, that and Angel only cares about his looks.

Darrin hired other members of Boss Co. (other than his best friends Sean Donahue and Axl Heck) to work with him to shovel up the snow of a parking lot. Darrin claimed that dating Angel is expensive and every time they go bowling she likes meat on her nachos which is a $3 add on and he can barely pay for air conditioning school unliked them who have a free ride. Sean and Axl got mad and fired the others and took on the job. Angel showed up fussy at Darrin and said that "I'll be and Darrin finished "So mad I know..." And she stormed away.

They had at sometime broken up. darrin is shown by the curb with flowers and a teddy bear for Sue Heck while she was kissing Derrick Glostner. Eventually Sue and Darrin to get back together.