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• 10/6/2017

Spoilers!!: Season 9 Episode 1 Discussion

General thoughts on the new episode. 

I'm very excited to see how the farewell season plays out and I'm very impressed with the setup the first episode made for what will definitely be a great season!

I'm really excited for when the snowglobe comes up again as it most definitely will. I think that we might see a clip at the end of the season of the time capsule getting opened revealing how the lives of the heck families operate after the hecks we know have passed. 

It will be an exciting and sad season for all. 

What did you think of the premiere episode of the Farewell Season post your thoughts below! 

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• 10/18/2017

A bit disappointed about Brick and Cindy, but otherwise it was okay.

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• 11/4/2017
i really love this's funny and all the characters are really lovable....i'm really rooting for sue and sean
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